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I love my family and absolutely want and desire the best for them.  As a wife, a mother and a parent, I discovered the best impact I can make on my family is to pray for and over them.


As I saw the power of prayer in my family, whilst at the same time constantly hearing about broken families, broken relationships and wayward children, I wanted to share with other families the incredible power of prayer at our disposal.

What started as a small group of women in a whatsapp group on 26 June 2018 has blossomed into an ever growing army of prayer warrior wives.  Wives who desire to see God move in their families.  Wives who have a passion to see God’s original plan for families restored and wives who believe that prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse, where are treasured the unlimited resources of God’s power.

It was birthed at a trying and testing time, but often times God uses our seemingly difficult circumstances to draw us closer to Him and to get our attention.

G.A.L.S.S stands for God’s Amazing Love Sustains Sisters and represents the amazing love God has for Mothers.  We are Mothers who are praying for our husbands, our first born children and very specifically for our male children.

It seems very specific, but that is exactly what I believe God laid on my heart.




                                       Harriet Kessie-Cudjoe

                                       G.A.L.S.S Founder

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