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Saturday 4th January 2020

Table Conversation

How many families season their daily meals with doubt and questionings! They dissect the characters of their friends and serve them up as a dainty dessert. A precious bit of slander is passed around the board to be commented upon, not only by adults, but by children. In this God is dishonored. In the home the spirit of criticism and faultfinding should have no place. The peace of the home is too sacred to be marred by this spirit. But how often, when seated at the meal table, the members of the family pass round a dish of criticism, faultfinding, and scandal. Were Christ to come today, would He not find many of the families who profess to be Christians cherishing the spirit of criticism and unkindness? The members of such families are unready to unite with the family above. Let the conversation at the family board be such as is calculated to leave a fragrant influence on the minds of the children.

Adventist Home, Chapter 71, Pg 440

Ecclesiastes 3:7 KJV

7 A time to rend,and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

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