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Wednesday 27th November 2019

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I Cannot Afford Our Church Papers

There are those who profess to be brethren who do not take the Review, Signs, Instructor, or #Good #Health, but take one or more secular papers. Their children are deeply interested in reading the #fictitious tales and love stories which are found in these papers, and which their father can afford to pay for, although claiming that he cannot afford to pay for our periodicals and publications on present truth.

{AH 415.2}

Parents should guard their children and teach them to cultivate a pure imagination and to shun, as they would a leper, the lovesick pen pictures presented in newspapers.

Let publications upon moral and religious subjects be found on your tables and in your libraries, that your children may cultivate a taste for elevated reading.

{AH 415.3}

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